By Olivia Li

I am but a simple stone and the world a turbulent sea.

Lisha Riabinina (Unsplash)

Its waves slam and carry me,
Dangling, suspending, uncertain in the waves
A hair away from heaven’s gate.

Atop the crest I watch and wonder,
Flowing beneath me schools of color.
Around me pools of smooth blue lacquer.

I hold my breath for a second before -
I feel the pull inevitable.
Isn’t it nice being at the peak?

Only to crash onshore, a cruel wake.
As I stumble onto the beach,
I bleed.

Sand tears.
Flakes and pieces of my Titan self. …

Midnight by Luca Piras on Getty Images

It’s way past our bedtimes,
Like that meant anything,
Because we still had everything.
It felt so good to be bad,
We went Wonderland mad,
In those hazy, fleeting days.

12 o'clock.
Were once special to me.
Because we used to text till midnight,
Under our covers, lights out,
Saying all the things we couldn’t say,
Were to embarrassed to say,
Face to face, in real life.
I could imagine you on the other side,
Waiting impatiently for my reply.
It was almost a game for us,
Trying not to fall asleep,
And be the first to say goodbye.
Until you forgot…

To all the unbudded flowers out there…

Photo by qrsk on Getty Images

I am a lonesome flower

One that hasn’t yet bloomed.

Still I patiently wait hour after hour;

I can’t help feeling doomed.

The rest of the garden

Has heralded spring,

Leaving me to wonder when,

If ever, will I unfold my wings.

I am a lonesome flower,

One that hasn’t yet exploded,

Still I wait patiently, hour after hour,

While the others gloat.

The rest of the garden

Has faced the sun,

Leaving me to ponder when,

If ever, this war can finally be won.

Gunshots. Blood creeping up the sidewalk. Death. Too much death. “I can’t breath.” They were innocents. Condemned by their skin color. It’s the 21st century. We’ve sent people to the moon, built skyscrapers, and crazy technology, challenged the very idea of “impossible”, so why is racism still happening?

Photo by Jasmin Merdan on Getty Images

If people know that judging people by their skin is unjust, why is it still present, why do people keep doing it? Why is it so hard to weed out? Are we taking the right approach to abolishing it? People must first understand racism to eradicate racism and its crippling effects on…

Short Poem 🐸

Photo by Mark Bridger on Getty Images

I was walking down the road,

When I saw a big fat toad.

By way of greeting, I said “yo”,

The toad replied a throaty “sup bro”.

Politely, I asked “how was your day”,

But a single note he did not say.

The very next day, the very same place,

The toad waited with a smile on his face.

Hesitantly, he grumbled a hearty “yo”,

Pleasantly, I answered with “sup bro”,

But when I inquired about his wellbeing,

I waited - curious- scarcely breathing,

Alas, all I received was a croak.

Perhaps, I wondered, had he ever spoke?

So we…

It was a dark and stormy night when a tired old wizard threw the last ingredient into his bubbling cauldron. The reaction was immediate. The green liquid bubbled and frothed, emitting flashes of light, heat, and a profuse amount of smelly pink smoke. Holding his breath as the mixture expanded, rattling the poor pot and shaking the table, suddenly, a pure, golden substance landed gently onto his outstretched palm. Cheese. At last.

Little did he know, his life would never be the same. The catalyst being cheese in all its astounding variety of textures, colors, scents, and tastes. That mysterious…

Olivia Li

✏ ️Writer and aspiring poet. ”I want to be defined by the things that I love” ~ Taylor Swift

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